Meet Our Staff

Our Scholarship Coaches provide personal service that includes: Customized college entrance preparation, scholarship package information and preparation, college and career counseling, and resume development and creation. Moreover, each of our personalized scholarship packages includes:

  • Personalized scholarship search centered on each student’s needs and specialties. This combination is based upon achievements in academics, athletics, or the arts. It also may focus on one’s major or career choice, community service, extra-curricular involvement, ability, religious affiliation, and/or cultural heritage.
  • Advice on how to become the most attractive candidate to scholarship providers and college admissions counselors.
  • Expert suggestions and information regarding unique community service opportunities geared to increase a student’s scholarship and college entrance eligibility.
  • Strategies for lowering college costs including information on important classes to take in middle and high school, how to earn a degree while in high school, how to graduate from college early, and much more.
  • Recommendations regarding which college(s) to attend, what to major in, as well as information on internships and externships.
  • Guidance on how to connect elements of the student’s academic and non-academic achievements, interests, and goals into each application to best assure college and scholarship success.
  • Professional resume direction, development, and design for students of all age. 
  • Excellent analyses, suggestions, and editing of scholarship and college essays.

Our Chief
Scholarship Coach

Rhea Watson, MA
is a lifetime learner and educator.  As a freshman entering college, she was awarded one of the largest financial packages that her college had EVER offered. By the time she was a graduating senior, she was paid $1000 per month in order to attend college.  Her scholarship earnings have well surpassed the $100,000 mark.  She has helped dozens of students enter the college of their dreams and earn nearly $750,000 in scholarships to help their dreams become realities.