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Scholarship Solutions, Inc. has skilled scholarship coaches who provide extensive, tailored, and individualized assistance, guidance, and direction so scholars of all ages, 0-99,  can obtain a DEBT FREE college experience. 

With EXCELLENCE, we ensure scholars' success!


Why Us?

We help relieve the stress associated with applying for college and scholarships. We help students access and WIN scholarships that fit their academic profile.  We help to organize, strategize, and maximize ways you can use OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY to go college without DEBT! 

With EXCELLENCE, we ensure scholars' success.


Customized Scholarship Packages

Our packages include extensive research where our expert coaches locate scholarship opportunities and develop academic and collegiate plans that best fit each scholar. Our focused efforts are especially geared toward merit based scholarships which can be the most overwhelming for families to research on their own.

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We love helping scholars of all ages, 0 to 99, to have a DEBT FREE college experience.  Schedule a consultation TODAY!

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