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Scholarship Solutions, Inc. is a premier college and scholarship coaching firm. We provide scholars of all ages, 0-99, professional one-on-one assistance, advice, accountability, and advocacy in order to secure a DEBT FREE college experience.

Our Clients

Over the past six years, Scholarship Solutions, Inc. has helped scholars earn over $65 Million Dollars in scholarships!

On average our scholars earn $250,000.00 in scholarships. Moreover, 95% of our scholars earn academic scholarships to attend their #1 Choice College in order to support their educational goals.

Our Coaches

Our Scholarship Solutions, Inc.Coaches are the best in the business!  They provide personal, individualized, one-on-one assistance to scholars of all ages.

Their expertise in the areas of college and scholarship guidance, coaching, essay editing, and research have helped hundreds of scholars to have a DEBT FREE College Experience. 

Rhea M. Watson, The Scholarship Doctor

Our own Rhea M. Watson, The Scholarship Doctor, is a lifetime learner and educator. As a freshman entering college she was awarded one of the largest financial packages her college had EVER offered and by the time she was a graduating senior she was actually paid $1000.00 per month to attend college. Additionally, she continued to be on salary as a student through her masters and doctoral programs. 

Her scholarship earnings have well surpassed the $300,000 mark and she has helped hundreds of scholars enter the college of their dreams, earning more than $65 Million dollars in scholarships.

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Who do you help? We help scholars of all ages, 0-99, to have Debt Free College Experience.

Can you serve scholars outside of the Las Vegas area? Yes!  We have scholars in 30 different states and growing.

I am in college, can you help me? Yes! We help students of all ages, 0-99, and all educational levels preschool-professional school to have Debt Free College Experience.

How much in scholarships do your scholars earn? On average our scholars earn $250,000. in scholarships. Our youngest scholarship winner is 2 Years old. Our largest scholarship winner has earned over 2 million dollars in scholarships.

Which colleges have you helped scholars enter?  Our scholars attend Ivy League, Public, Private, and Parochial Schools. 

Which scholarships have your scholars won? Our scholars have been awarded scholarships from colleges and universities, public and private organizations, church and religious groups, and much, much, more.

My scholar is in 9th grade, is it too early to start with Scholarship Solutions?

No, the earlier the better. Our youngest scholar is 6 weeks old, our eldest scholar is over 80 years old, and we have everyone in between. It is never too late, but it is surely never too early to start securing college scholarships.

Do you have tutoring and test prep classes? Yes! We offer tutoring in all subjects including high levels of math and Spanish and French. We also have ACT Test Prep Classes.