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Scholarship Consultation: ~ Free Scholarship Consultation. In this 1-on-1 consultation, our expert coaches will let you know how scholarship and college ready you are.

Scholarship Solutions Services: ~   

College Planning, Advocacy, and Accountability: ~      

This service provides assistance from expert coaches who perform complete analyses to assist scholars in being matched with elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges that fit their academic, social, religious, and ethnic background. Scholars receive detailed information regarding college and university pricing, academic programs, activities, athletics, etc. 

Additionally, information is shared regarding which classes to take, summer internship options, college tours, college weekends, and relationship building, which is profitable for connecting with facility and staff. It is a full service that assists with the college preparation, application, and entrance processes.

Monthly online meeting are available in order to assure academic/collegiate/scholarship paths are being followed. 

Essay Editing: ~      

This service provides expert analysis, editing, and help to perfect scholarship and college essays. Services include one essay per month for editing and allows for three drafts of the essay. Upon completion of the drafts, the essays are ready to be submitted to a scholarship program or university. There are twelve (12) essays which can be edited during the contracted time.

Scholarship Research and Application Assistance: ~   

The service   provides research for various scholarships based on the area of study, ethnicity, religion, college choice, income level, and location of the   student’s home city or state, for example. The research is tailored to the   criteria of the scholar which is collected via a questionnaire prepared and   administered by Scholarship Solutions.

Monthly Membership Pricing: ~

Birth-PreK: $50.00 per month

Kindergarten-5th Grade: $100.00 per month

Middle School: $125.00 per month

High School Freshman: $175.00 per month

High School Sophomore: $225.00 per month 

High School Junior:  $275.00 per month

High School Senior: $325.00 per month

Undergraduate and Graduate: $325.00 per month

Discounts available for Quarterly, Biannual, or Annual Payments. 

Also, Family Discounts available. 

*ACT Test Prep: ~ $125.00 per class

Our ACT Test Prep course provides instruction and test taking strategies on the Math, Reading, English, and Science sections of the ACT Exam in order to help increase test scores. On average, scholars increase their scores by four (4) points helping them to increase their college and scholarship opportunities.

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We have these main services. However, if you have questions about additional services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to providing answers to your scholarship and college needs.